Gertjan Rigter, Amstelveen

One of the greatest marathon champions in the Netherlands, the winner of 2nd NATIONAL BARCELONA & 2nd NATIONAL AGEN ZLU in 2018 is the 3rd NATIONAL MARATHON ZLU CHAMPION in 2019 !!!

Not only did Gertjan win many Championships in the province Noord-Holland in the past few years, he was also Emperor of the “Fondclub Noord-Holland” (extreme long distance Province Noord-Holland), Emperor of the “Fondunie 2000” (dpt’s 6-11) and 3rd Emperor Interprovincial Noord & Zuid-Holland…but the 3rd National Marathon ZLU title is definately the icing on the cake for his super performances over the past 10 years at the hardest extreme long distance flights.

In 2017 Gertjan Rigter won:

3 crystal ZLU jars at National Pau, Narbonne and Perpignan

his tophen “Alicia” was crowned 7th International Ace Marathon in the PiPa rankings

3rd Champion (not nominated) and 5th Champions League winner in the Fondunie 2000

2nd ZLU champion (not nominated) and 4th champion ZLU (nom.) in the Province/Fondclub Noord-Holland

In 2018 Gertjan Rigter won:

3rd Provincial ZLU champion (not nom.) in Noord-Holland

8th Interprovincial Overall ZLU-champion “Fondunie 2000”

2 National Barcelona and 2 National Agen ZLU

In 2019 Gertjan Rigter won:

1st Provincial Acepigeon ZLU

2nd Provincial ZLU champion

3rd National Marathon ZLU champion

His pigeonloft is for 95% based on two strains: SuperBarca 621 and Mont Ventoux from Gebroeders Jacobs, Superpair 100 x 10 Nico Volkens!

Having put the Jacobs pigeons from Gertjan Rigter and the Volkens pigeons from his pigeonmate Hennie de Vries together and crossbreeding with them, soon it was clear that the offspring was super! The orientation skills & the power of the Jacobs pigeons combined with the mental strength & endurance of the Nico Volkens pigeons made kind of pigeon very hard to beat.

His top-100 performances National over the last 5 years:

2 National Barcelona ZLU

2, 12, 23, 35, 55, 61, 99 National Agen / Bordeaux ZLU

3 National Mont Pellier NPO

11, 17, 51, 63, 73, 101 National Pau ZLU

11, 13 National Bergerac NPO

11, 13 National Cahors NPO

24, 51, 84 National Perpignan ZLU

24, 62 National Narbonne ZLU

29, 58 National Sint Vincent ZLU

40, 41, 66 National Marseille ZLU

How did his successtory start? Gertjan Rigter has purchased 7 direct children of the “Super Barca 621” and 4 children of the “Mont Ventoux” from the Jacobs brothers about ten years ago. The Super Barca 621 was not only an unbelieveble champ at the marathonraces (1st National Ace Perpignan 3years ZLU, 9th National Perpignan and 15th National Barcelona), but he turned into an incredibly good breeder. But let’s not forget to mention the other superbreeder of the Gebroeders Jacobs, the Mont Ventoux, who’s offspring is also very succesful. Two sons from the Mt Ventoux are the fathers of the two 2nd National winners at the loft of Gertjan in 2018!!

  • The “Super Barca 621” is a direct son of the famous breedingcouple “Betuwekoppel”. Offspring of the “Betuwekoppel” win: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 6 Marathon NATIONAL !! 1.International Narbonne ZLU 2015, 1.National Narbonne ZLU 2017, 1.National Bergerac NPO S2 2013, 2.International Perpignan ZLU 2016, 2.National Bergerac NPO 2013, 2.National Bordeaux S2 NPO 3.National Agen ZLU 2015, 3.National Bergerac S2 2013, 4.National Pau ZLU 2015, 4.National Perpignan ZLU 2015, 4.National (6.International) Barcelona ZLU 2015, 4.National S2 NPO Cahors 2010, 5.National Marseille 2019, 5.National St Vincent ZLU 2019, 6.National Sint Vincent S2 NPO 2012.
  • The “Mont Ventoux” is (gr)father to: 1.National Narbonne ZLU, 1.National S2 Cahors, 2.National Barcelona ZLU, 4.International Barcelona, 2.National Perpignan ZLU, 2.International Perpignan, 2.National Agen ZLU, 5.National S2 Cahors, 14.National S2 Mont de Marsan, 19.National Tarbes ZLU, 29.National S2 Bergerac, 31.National S2 Cahors, 32.National S2 Mont de Marsan.

The input of Hennie de Vries are (g)children of “Etterbak”, “Champion” (1st National Ace 2009) and “Jelte” (1.National Marseille 2008) from Fons van Ophuizen, but the majority of his breeders are direct Nico Volkens from the 100 x 10 Supercouple. Many toplofts have great success with the legendary Nico Volkens’ “Bonte Koppel” and “100 x 10” which are direct Sam de Jong pigeons. Some references are: “Montar couple” of Jan Roelofs, the Agen and Pau victories at Leo Pronk, Comb. Verweij-de Haan with their Balotelli (1st International Agen 2015), Levi vd Weijden (1st International Narbonne 2015), Kees Droog (1st International Pau 2016), Mevlut Tekin (1st International Perpignan 2016), Ed Maat (1st International Pau 2017), the topbreeder “Gouden 10” of Fre de Boer.